„I have time to study, I have time for work – students’ fundraising”

On Monday, 24th of March 2014, in the Warsaw Centre of Cultural Education in the Warsaw Old Town we met again within the framework of “My Generation at Work” Go For It mini-project to have a panel meeting about possibilities of gaining work experience, earning money by young people, and connecting those with students’ and pupils’ responsibilities.

The meeting was organized by MG@W team together with the Employment Point of the Voluntary Labour Corps (state organization) which is a coordinator of another European project called “Voluntary Labour Corps as an instrument of labour market services implementation”. The project is dedicated to young people aged 15-25. It’s goal is to enable an access to the comprehensive national information system connected to the labour market. Practically, it means that the project supports young people during their entry to the labour market: getting and keeping their jobs, shaping their careers. 

We’ve combined our ideas and have invited pupils who will soon be confronted with a decision on what to study, where, how to be both a student and an
employee, to a panel meeting with working students. During that GFI meeting, young people had an opportunity to find out how and where to find a job, what are the most common obstacles at the beginning of that process and also to became familiar with the following issues:
- Curriculum Vitae and Motivational Letter – how to write?
- Internet as a necessary tool in job seeking
- Balance of competences – my strengths and weaknesses
- Job interview – how to prepare for it?
- Forms of employment
- Traineeship, practise and voluntary work.