„I have time to study, I have time for work – students’ fundraising” – we met again within the framework of My Generation at Work URBACT II Go For It mini-project. That meeting was dedicated to pupils living in No 1 Wiktor Kordowicz Dormitory for Girls in Warsaw.
The panel was organised in European House of Youth Meetings on Wednesday evening on 2.04.2014. We had another opportunity to talk about possibilities of gaining work experience, earning money by young people, and connecting those with students’ and pupils’ responsibilities.
The meeting was again organized by MG@W team together with the Employment Point of the Voluntary Labour Corps (state organization) which is a coordinator of another European project called “Voluntary Labour Corps as an instrument of labour market services implementation”.
Young people became familiar with practical side of studying and working together presented by young experts of the project and also learned a bit about following issues:
- Curriculum Vitae and Motivational Letter – how to write?
- Internet as a necessary tool in job seeking
- Balance of competences – my strengths and weaknesses
- Job interview – how to prepare for it?
- Forms of employment
- Traineeship, practise and voluntary work.