On 2-4 March 2015 in Rotterdam (Netherlands) held the final conference of the URBACT II project My Generation at Work. Conference in Rotterdam was an opportunity presented by partners from 12 countries in the implementation of entrepreneurship in the partner countries. Individual partners presented entrepreneurial attitudes and initiatives among students and young people. During the workshop summary Action Plans Commercial partners talked about modern and intuitive system to connect customers and contractors were also presented plans for the future in terms of their implementation. There were also reflections on the problems faced by young entrepreneurs, how to deal with them and reflections of young people as they can, in practice, each able to handle. On the first day we met at the gala dinner where we started to exchange their experiences. On the second day there was a full-day meeting during which the combined presentation of the achievements of the project period, spoke to all the partners and their occurrence met with many questions and opinions of experts who have followed the report. The meeting was combined with a fun and innovative techniques common building with Lego bricks. Warsaw has also participated in the construction. The conference also gave a lot of positive emotions and relax while summarizing the activities of the two years of the project and volunteer activities. Conference summarizing allowed to see how much has changed ratio of Local Support Groups for the project, as we draw from each other's experiences and what obstacles we struggle with. Despite cultural differences, we have many common goals and problems which can be solved in a similar way so we have created a common market needs. The meetings were very intense course and move multiple threads, each partner had to provide information about the progress of the project at home and they were very valuable tips for others.

Pictures from our meetings can be viewed HERE.