3-10 October 2018 EDSM co-organized the youth exchange "(ME)dia and (YOU)th. Let's build the tr(US)t" in cooperation with the Common Europe Foundation and NGO "Donetsk Youth Debate Center "from Kiev (Ukraine). The exchange was created thanks to the co-financing of the Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council program. Young people from Poland and Ukraine aged 19-26 learned how to develop critical thinking, understand how fact-checking works, how to oppose manipulation in the media and improve their journalistic skills. There was also time to explore Warsaw and the surrounding area.

In the project summary, an e-book was created with participants' articles on the topic of exchange. We invite you to read it HERE


During the exchange, the participants also had to create a movie showing how the media manipulate society and how to counteract this phenomenon. We invite you to view the results!

In addition, on 8 November 2018 at EDSM, we disseminated our exchange during a direct meeting with young people. Exchange participants talked about their impressions, the pros and cons of such projects and gave listeners valuable advice on how to take advantage of similar projects.


About the project:

European House of Youth Meetings is  organizing  and hosting the youth exchange project „(ME)dia and (YOU)th. Let’s build the tr(US)t”

The objectives of the project are the following: to develop the journalistic competences among youth exchange participants and initialize the critical thinking processes while interacting with modern media.

The youth exchange will take place in Warsaw, Poland in 2018 October 3-10.