17-20 August 2018 a preparatory meeting for the youth exchange Media and Youth. Let’s build the trust” which is financed by Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange council took place in Warsaw. 

The liders from Ukraine ( Donetsk youth debate centre - Kyiv ( earlier  Donetsk)),  Common Europe Foundation (Poland) and European House of Youth Meetings  were preparing the program of the youth exchange, talked over organisational and security details. The Ukrainian group checked the place where the youth exchange will take place. We also included young people into creation progress and worked with them together.

We see the preparatory meeting as a possibility to create a sucessful youth exchange and hope it will help the youth exchange become better!



About the project:

European House of Youth Meetings is  organizing  and hosting the youth exchange project „(ME)dia and (YOU)th. Let’s build the tr(US)t”

The objectives of the project are the following: to develop the journalistic competences among youth exchange participants and initialize the critical thinking processes while interacting with modern media.

The youth exchange will take place in Warsaw, Poland in 2018 October 3-10.