On Friday 21st July, a group of youngsters who are coming to a youth exchange “We are all equal in creativity” (planned 1- 9 September, Faenza, Italy) met to discuss organizational issue and to get to know each other better. One of the participants was in Canada during the meeting and was happy to join us on Skype. Cozy and friendly atmosphere was in the air during the meeting. The group is already thinking over their homework based on integration examples in Poland and how creatively represent their country during the cultural night. We hope that participants will show our organization from the best side during the YE in Italy and will come back full of positive emotions.



About the youth exchange:

The Youth Exchange sponsored by European Commission for young people aged 18-30 will take place in Faenza, Italy  1-9 September 2017.

‘We are all Equal in Creativity’ is a youth exchange that promotes European values, awareness of other cultures (European and non European), Human rights (in particular Freedom of expression), Selfempowerment of the participants and cooperation between organizations in the youth field. The aim is to empower young Europeans as actors of positive social change by enhancing their self-development through creativity.
The project, therefore, focuses on empowering young Europeans by bringing them together in a multicultural environment and involving them
in activities that would enhance self-development: Storytelling, Creative writing, Theatre of the oppressed, Role play, Blogging.