12-18 maja 2019r. grupa z  EDSM uczestniczyła jako partner w projekcie wymiany młodzieżowej „Re:Sound” w Austrii, Neumarkt au Steiermark o dźwiękach, muzyce, tańcach i rozwoju osobistym. W przeciągu tygodnia, słuchaliśmy dźwięków, rozmawialiśmy o swoich oczekiwaniach, planach, strachach. Otwieraliśmy się przed ludźmi. Tańczyliśmy i dawaliśmy z siebie całe 100%. Projekt kończył się stworzeniem własnej piosenki. Poniżej znajduje się  video-raport z wymiany!



Relacje uczestników:

In my opinion this was the most complete project I was on, it had everything and I almost feel proud that I was chosen as a participant now, because the people there were just so talented and so amazing in many different aspects. At first I was afraid that I might not be as talented as others but shortly after it started, I realized that it’s more of a matter of creativity and how much you get involved in the activities. It was one of the most beautiful and profound experiences that I had. I’m really grateful to everyone and especially the organizers (who got us in such a positive vibe) for making it so.

Denis Paasche


 At first I was mostly focused on a music over the project as it's my passion. Once i have heard about "self-development" i was a bit concern it's gonna be choaching which i am not a big fun of. What I explored and found out in Austria, both about myself and people I was surrounded with fully exceeded my expectations. The project was a pure magic, let us release our creativity and contribution towards nature. I have never felt so close to myself and the other people- technically strangers just known 5 days ago! I am so grateful and amazed by the organizers of the whole project and workshops as well. It's visible that they are people who do that with deepest reccess of their hearts! It's a precious and unforgetable experience for sure and I am more than grateful for this chance

 Zuzanna Dobrzańska