Through dispute to peace - is an Erasmus+ project about debates, discussions, public speaking took place in Kyiv 27 march - 5 april.

During 9 days young people from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania had an opportunity to discuss over top world issues, learned how to debate properly and how to speak in non-violent way.

We hoped they liked the staying in Kiev, met new interesting people and acquired useful knowledge


 Report from one of the polish participants - Maja Janeczek:

Erasmus+ “Through dispute to peace”

 It was my first visit in Ukraine. It was my first project like that. I was a bit scared of new people, new country, language barrier, culture barrier. Now, when I’m back home after ten days spent with these people, I feel like they’re my family and already miss them. Even if we live in different countries, we are somehow connected thanks to this trip.

First day I felt like I did not fit there. I felt like everyone knew everyone and I was an alien. Then I started talking with first person, thanks to energizer called “clocks”. Then with second, third and so on, and it turned out, that I have more in common with these people, than I thought. I didn’t even noticed when we became so close to each other. I think the most important to work effectively is to feel good with people you have to work. Now it would be a pleasant – to participate in another project with them. And it’s no matter what would be the topic of this project, because I know, that together we can do everything. These people are so different and have so many interests, that everyone has something to offer; something new and fresh, that the rest of us do not know.

Knowledge is another important aspect of the project. If we speak about acquiring knowledge - it was probably the most intensive ten days in my life. Lectures and excersises, theory and practise – all of this helped me to improve my oratory skills, language, expressing thoughts and probably many more things I don’t know about yet. Also during this project we developed skill called ‘learning to learn’ - thanks to it you can realize if it’s better for you to work in group or on your own, if you learn only by listening or  if you need a presentation. Meeting traditions from another country is another type of knowledge, that we got during cultural evenings. These evenings were effective way to develop our awareness of divesity of the world and tolerance. And we can’t forget about unoficcial way of getting knowledge – just by talking with people different to us, exchanging experiences, learning from each other. Personally, I think that sharing things that you know with others is one of the best methodes of learning.

And last but not least – Kiev. I didn’t expected that this city will make such an impression on me. Independence Square with statue of Archangel Michael, gold domes of churches above the roofs of town, green parks of Mezighorie and mysterious Bulgakow’s house - this is just a few things you can see in capital city of Ukraine. Wandering through streets, coffee-break in Lviv Croissants with my new friends was such a great pleasure. After those mini-trips I want to go to Kiev again and get to know its secrets and breath this atmosphere,which I’ve already met.

Its hard for me to write about this project, because i don’t know what words should I use to describe all of my feelings during this. I think that the best way to understand what am I talking about is to take part in event like that yourself.