Every youth exchange should be useful and we assume that the dissemination of the results is the best way to prove it. 30th November was the day when the participants of “Media and Youth. Where is the truth?” project were able to become a facilitators and make a workshop on media manipulations for Young Journalist Academy participants as well to talk over the youth exchange they had been to and Erasmus+ program. We hope that this knowledge will be useful in future journalist life!!

About the project:

European House of Youth Meetings is organizing a youth exchange “Media and Youth. Where is the truth?”

The Youth Exchange is financed by European Comission program “Erasmus+”

The main goal of the project is to teach young people how to interact with medias, they ways of information filtering, and how YOU can influence mass media.

Youth exchange will take place In Chisinau, Moldova,5-13 November 2017. Working language – RUSSIAN.