Polish participants of the youth exchange “Explore common roots for not being rude” were able to share their knowledge and opinion about the youth exchange during the cultural day Warsaw Mosaic organized by European House of Youth Meetings. They told about the knowledge they acquired, showed the folders from the youth exchange and shared the final movie of the exchange.

Warsaw Mosaic full photo report

The Ukrainian group, in addition to meeting twice in the organization's premises, organized talks on youth exchange and historical conflicts and stereotypes at the university of M. Dragomanov in Kiev and the organization of the Red Cross in the Bila Tserkva.

About the project:

European House of Youth Meetings is  organizing  and hosting the youth exchange project “Explore common roots for not being rude”

The youth exchange is sponsored by “Polsko-Ukraińska Rada Wymiany Młodzieży” ( Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchanges council.)

The main objectives of the projects are: to explore common roots in the history and unite participants of the youth exchange to promote peace-building, anti-discrimination, equality and non-violent communication principals; to make participants know how to resolve conflict situations, inspire youngsters to become ambassadors of Peace in their communities.

The youth exchange will take place in Warsaw, Poland in September 3-10.