HOSTEL RULES - abstract


1.    General information

1.1.    The right to use the European House of Youth Meetings (EDSM hostel) is entitled to school and university students, teachers and educators. In the case of vacancies, there may be hosted other persons as long as they follow the hostel rules.
1.2.    Individuals and participants of organized groups must accept the regulations. The request for check-in at EDSM hostel is tantamount to its acceptance.


2.    General guests hosting rules

2.1.    Guests arriving at EDSM hostel before their stay are registered and regulate the fees according to the price list valid on the day of arrival.
2.2.    The fees for the accommodation at EDSM hostel is set by the Mayor of Warsaw with an appropriate ordinance.


3.    Detailed guest hosting rules

3.1.    EDSM hostel is open all the year long.
3.2.    Check in: 4 p.m., check out: 10:00 a.m..
3.3.    Reception desk open hours: 6:00 a.m. - midnight.
3.4.    Quiet  hours: 10:00 p.m. -  6:00 a.m.
3.5.    EDSM hostel is closed after midnight, curfew lasts till 6:00 a.m.
3.6.    Departing guests must check out by 10 a.m.
3.7.    Individual or organized group  males and females are accommodated in separate bedrooms.
3.8.    Room keys must be left at reception following  before leaving the hostel.
3.9.    Only group leaders are allowed to get the room keys for for their group.
3.10.    Guests are required to maintain order and cleanliness in bedrooms and common spaces.
3.11.    Eating and using kettles and water heaters in rooms is prohibited.
3.12.    After preparing and consuming meals, the kitchen must be left in order.
3.13.    Accommodation of children up to age of 2, is free of charge provided they do not occupy separate beds. Children under  age of 6 receive a 50% discount on accommodation.
3.14.    Persons  not registered in EDSM hostel can stay on site between  6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. after informing the  front desk staff.

4.    Guests responsibility

4.1.    Organized group leader and guardians are responsible for the safety, health and behavior of youth.
4.2.    Pupils from organized groups, as well as under-age individuals are not allowed to stay in the EDSM hostel unattended.
4.3.    Any damage to property of EDSM hostel caused by guests, must be reported to front desk staff, which will determine in consultation with the director the amount of compensation.
4.4.    In the case of exceeding the regulations or inappropriate behavior , guests can be removed from the hostel without refund.
4.5.    EDSM hostel employee may refuse to accept a guest, who during a previous visit: violated the rules, caused damage to property of EDSM hostel, caused personal injury of EDSM hostel employee or other guest, or otherwise disturbed the functioning of EDSM hostel.


5.    Booking rules

5.1.    Booking of accommodation for organized groups in EDSM hostel is conducted according to the following rules:
5.1.1.     Groups of at least 5 person/people make a booking with:
the name and address of school or organization, number and sex of  participants, name and contact details of the group leader, staying date, day and hour of arrival.
5.1.2.    After obtaining the approval of the proposed date, group leader may be required to pay a deposit in the amount specified by the employee of EDSM hostel
5.1.3.    Payment for accommodation is taken according to the prices valid on the day of arrival.
5.1.4.    Return of the deposit may take place after a written cancellation of the contract, no later than 8 days before the scheduled date of arrival, after deduction of administrative costs.
5.1.5.    Booking can be cancelled if the amount of deposit will not be paid within the prescribed period
5.2.    Organized groups bookings are accepted by order of application up to a year before the scheduled date of stay.
5.3.    Booking of an accommodation for individuals in EDSM can be done up to one month in advance.


6.    Information concerning personal data protection
and security rules

6.3.    In EDSM hostel alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes and  drugs are prohibited. Being in under the influence of alcohol and drugs is also prohibited.
6.4.    Possession of dangerous objects, explosives, flammable materials and other objects posing a threat to health and life is prohibited in the EDSM hostel.
6.5.EDSM hostel is only responsible for valuables and money put into the deposit.
6.6.    Personal belongings left in EDSM hostel by a guest, will be sent to the address indicated by him. If hostel do not receive any instructions, items will be stored  for 3 months.


7.    Final provisions

7.1.    In all matters on the functioning of the EDSM hostel not covered in the rules, guest are required to apply  for the guidelines of the director of the EDSM hostel.